Sunday afternoon stroll in the city with Carlo— experimenting with shadows and B&W
The light looked too good to pass up the opportunity to pick up my camera. Lately, I've been very intrigued by the simplicity of black and white photography. I love the contrast and how it draws attention to the subject. The charm of the cobblestone street was also hard to pass up.  
Studio experiments with Charlotte 
Lately I have been experimenting more with studio work and really trying to hone in on a few skills including improving my studio lighting skills and creating a consistent aesthetic for my studio work. I tend to gravitate towards natural light so flash lighting is a whole new world for me. Nevertheless I am enjoying the possibilities the studio is opening for me. For this shoot I envisioned a plain dark grey background, but the shot I actually ended up liking the most were ones against a plain white wall. Shout out to Charlie for being so patient with me during and after the shoot. Here are some experimental shots of Charlie
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